YOURS TRULY: How to Get Over a Book Slump (Maybe)

This, in all honesty, is actually just a note to myself.

After reading 9 books in June and 10 in July (or something like that), I found myself face-to-face with a massive reading slump. There are, of course, several books that have managed to briefly pull me out of that dark place since then, but for the most part? I’m still here in the pit.

Now, while I still have no clue how to figure this slump out, I did a little introspection here and a little asking there. So I came up with some tips that seemed helpful and/or has helped me get over a slump in the past!


1. Reread old favorites.

This is probably the most recommended remedy for someone in a slump, and I can see why it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. There’s nothing quite like reading one of your all time favorite books and falling in love all over again with the stories and the characters. It definitely motivates you to get back to reading again and discovering more worlds that you’ll fall in love with too.

2. Do mood reading.

I know this isn’t for everyone, but I’m a huge mood reader, slump or no. I have a rough list of books I want to get to by the end of a year, but for the most part I go with what my gut says. Mood reading helps me a lot because there are times where I’m in the mood for a dark, twisted fantasy story; there are other times where I’m in the mood for cool, science fiction space operas. Either way, it helps me avoid reading books I’m not really feeling at the moment, and it helps me avoid putting myself in a deeper slump.

3. Don’t advertise what you’re currently reading.

What I mean is: don’t make a Twitter thread about it. Don’t put it up on Goodreads. Don’t put it as your Facebook status. I’ve found that every time I do all the aforementioned (except the Facebook one), my chances for finishing a book decreases. It’s surprisingly counterproductive for me because I feel more pressured to finish the story at a set time. And I always work terribly under pressure when it comes to reading novels.

4. Ask someone to pick out your next read.

Among the four points I’ve discussed so far, this one has worked incredibly well for me lately. What I’ve done for this was pick three books I’m feeling up for reading then ask my brother to go with his gut feeling and choose one book out of the pile. He’s chosen Want by Cindy Pon, An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson, and The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli–all books I’m particularly fond of now.

Obviously, this is a hit-or-miss tactic that relies on my mood and my brother’s judgment for a book cover.

5. Try a genre outside of your comfort zone.

People have been recommending contemporary books for me, and that is outside of my comfort zone. However, I did try to read Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli and found that I couldn’t put it down. The only reason I forced myself to stop for now was because I wanted to reread Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda first. I guess it helps to try something new for once rather than staying boxed in your usual genre!


And that’s it for me! Have you ever been in a book slump? Let me know how you pulled through from your slump (and help this girl out from hers)!



7 thoughts on “YOURS TRULY: How to Get Over a Book Slump (Maybe)

  1. Sakhile says:

    I’m going to try out number 3. Sometimes I struggle through a book I’m not interested in anymore simply because I’ve spoken about reading it on Twitter or Goodreads

    Liked by 1 person

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